A STROUD mother has spoken out ahead of World Down Syndrome Day on Tuesday. 

Naomi Hughes, who lives in Ebley, says she just wants her two-year-old daughter Martha-Mai to be accepted. 

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), 21 March, is a global awareness day organised by the United Nations.  

Ahead of Tuesday, Naomi has spoken to the SNJ about her daughter's experiences and how she wishes to educate people about Down's Syndrome. 

Stroud News and Journal:

"Martha-Mai is my little superhero," said Ms Hughes. 

"I want want Martha to be accepted just the same as any other child.

"Every day she proves how capable she is."

Martha-Mai, at just two years of age, has already overcome many obstacles such as heart surgery for a complex heart condition when she was just seven months old.l 

"My daughter may not be the same as her peers but she has a fierce determination to do as they do," said Naomi. 

"It can take Martha-Mai a little longer to achieve her milestones, but she is doing amazingly and is developing so well.

Stroud News and Journal:

"She is the funniest little girl, she loves nursery rhymes and dancing – she is super loving and gives the best cuddles.

"She really is one of a kind.

"More often than not, doctors deliver the news of a Trisomy 21 diagnosis (Down's syndrome) as a negative thing while expressing how sorry they are.

"But no doctor can predict any child’s future, let alone a child with Down’s syndrome.

"Of course we have more hospital appointments, physiotherapy and some feeding issues, but nothing that can’t be done together.

"We do our best to show that this is not a life sentence.

"Martha-Mai might be different and have a tiny extra chromosome, but she deserves to be given understanding, kindness and to be included.

"People with disabilities are capable of so much if people are willing to listen, teach and encourage them.

Stroud News and Journal:

"We are always happy to talk to people and answer meaningful questions to help educate them.

"Martha-Mai has shown me it is good to be different.

"She makes me proud everyday.

"My little lucky charm.

"If you are lucky enough to meet someone with Down’s Syndrome, include them and treat them how you would want to be treated.

"Invite them to parties, offer them the job, treat them unconditionally." 

For more information about being a parent of children with Down's Syndrome you can find - DSUK PADS Positive about Down syndrome - New Parents on Facebook.