A FORMER RAF Officer is standing in a by-election for the Stonehouse Town Council.

Wendy Thomson, who herself called the election, moved to Stonehouse to bring her family up as a single parent in 2009 – she now considers the town her home.

Among other things Ms Thomson is a Maidenhill governor, a key part of the Save the Berryfield Action Group, a regular Stonehouse Park Runner and marshal and a committee member of the Stonehouse Horticultural Show.

“‘I’ve done a lot in the community since settling in Stonehouse in 2009 as a single parent bring up three children and starting my own business.

Stroud News and Journal:

“I plan to continue doing these activities, but expect to be more effective as a Town councillor particularly representing hard working cash strapped families and people living alone, as I’ve got direct experience of this."

One of Wendy’s main priorities is to make the town’s paths safer, especially for women and girls.

“I contacted the council in August after attending a Stroud Police meeting about the recent attacks on women,” said Ms Thomson.

“I identified a particular path in Stonehouse and an area along that path that was poorly lit and was an easy place for someone to be jumped out at while waiting to cross the road.

“I was told by the council that it wasn’t their responsibility, but that I could organise a working group to clear the area, which I did.

“I continued the effort myself spending over 50 hours of my own time clearing overgrown ivy so a small bridge area was light and airy once again.

“I got many comments from path users saying they felt safer walking along that part now but how they don’t use the path at night-time.

“The path is a main route linking Bristol Road to the centre of town and to the schools in the town.

“I also painted white a number of lampposts along the path to brighten the route and added painted flowers to some.

“This has become a positive talking point especially for children walking to school.

“I was also a main objector to the housing development on the Berryfield which ended up going to appeal and being turned down by the inspectorate.

“I feel so strongly about women’s safety that I am willing to struggle through becoming a councillor to have a stronger voice.

“This lady is not to be ignored any longer once I’m sitting round the table with everyone else.

“I have experience about the ongoing battle it will be to get anything changed.

“I am very admirable of my rival saying what he wishes to achieve for his political party, but I can show what I’ve already done just as a resident.”

The by-election takes place on Tuesday, April 4.