Your correspondent is absolutely right the British do not complain enough!

This country is over populated, sewage pumped into the sea and rivers, because the treatment works cannot cope.

Too many houses built on greenfield sites. Somerset Levels flooded, roads in a state of collapse, due to non maintainence.

It is obvious to me and I’m not afraid to say it, it will be Election time soon and the councillors and Mps will come out of the woodwork saying that they will do this and do that. All a load of “CODSWALLOP”!

They will do nothing except waste money.

Look at the balls up of Thornbury High St. A beautiful town spoilt forever.

Bring back NorAvon, they were a reasonable council but not the lot we have now they just won’t listen to the people!

Why were the people of Thornbury, Yate and district not contacted about the takeover of Merlin Housing never mind a merger it was a Takeover. If it was a merger the vans would have Merlin/Bromford on them.

So come on start complaining and we might get something done.

Brian Collins