Stroud Town Council has provided an update on council tax following an error.

The council - which says it is committed to supporting the community during the cost-of-living crisis - has increased its part of the council tax by 50p a week for Band D.

That is an increase of £26.31 per year.

Originally the change in the precept was shown as 0.61 per cent  in the Council papers and this was agreed unanimously by Town Councillors.

However there was a data error which meant that the increase was actually 9.71 per cent. 

Stroud Mayor Stella Parkes said there will be no change to council tax bills already sent out. “We know that any increase at this time is difficult, but the increase is below the actual rate of inflation, and it comes at a time when we’ve tried to provide support for those who help the most vulnerable in our community,” she said.

Councillor Parkes said all processes have been reviewed to ensure such an error does not occur again.

“Councillors have tried to keep the council tax bill as low as possible while at the same time continuing to support residents, especially those most affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

"We regret the error and have set up new procedures and crosschecks to ensure it does not happen again.

"We are committed to open and transparent local government and wanted to set the record straight.

"As a Town Council we constantly look at how we can better serve our town and its residents.”

This year the Town Council will provide almost £49,000 in grants to community groups and organisations supporting residents.

These include Citizens Advice Stroud and Cotswold District, Marah Trust, Allsorts, Homestart, Lillian Faithfull (Uplands Care), Paganhill Community Group, Gardening Assistance (via Down To Earth), Subscription Rooms, Lansdown Hall and Stroud Festival of Nature.

In addition, it has invested £5,000 in the warm spaces project for Stroud to ensure that everyone had somewhere to go for warmth and a hot drink during the winter.