I noticed your report on the proposed new 5G mast in Cashes Green, Stroud (‘Plan for new 5G mast in town’, SNJ, April 5).

Some readers may remember there is local history on this issue.

In autumn 2020, and prominently reported in the SNJ at the time, over 150 people objected to the application for a 5G mast in the heart of Cashes Green. On Monday 16 November 2020, planning permission was refused by the District Council.

Last Saturday, April 1st, around 30 local residents who are objecting to this latest 5G mast application walked from the Community Centre to the new proposed site at Westrip Lane where a mast would be seen from the Cotswold Way.

These residents are aware of the research on the health effects of 5G and consider it important that all local citizens who might be affected by 5G from a mast inform themselves about the latest research, and make their views known to the local planning department.

The deadline for submitting objections has been moved to April 23rd.

In a democracy it is essential that our policy-makers’ decisions accurately reflect the views of local people.

We don’t want a game of Russian roulette.

I can remember when shoe shops had Xray machines for checking the fit of children’s shoes. Of course, once the dangers were known the machines were removed. I hope the planning department can endorse the government’s precautionary principle and refuse the mast.

Judy Barber

Cashes Green