This week’s big seasonal question is, will there be enough sun during the week to kickstart the Asparagus crop.

It is a strange plant that basically refuses to grow unless it is actually sunny. Warm cloudy days do nothing for those little spears. Either way, if it isn’t this Saturday, it will surely be the following one!

I have really enjoyed having some fresh and local tomatoes from the market. Winter veg is ok but, you know, it is wonderful to be able to bite into something fresh and juicy! One of my personal favourite vegetables at this time of year is the red cabbage, which I shred into pretty much every stir fry or salad. These are in season too at the moment and are a highly nutritious vegetable, the red colouring of which has benefit to the kidneys!

I had the pleasure of organizing an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids on Sunday and during proceedings we happened to crack open a bottle of Elderflower wine from VQ country wines. Served chilled it made perfect sense in the early Spring sunshine with soup and chocolate! We were delighted with its subtle flavour and refreshing zing! Try some yourself on Saturday!

Other alcohol on offer, apart from VQ Wines, featuring this Saturday will be Sibling Gin selection, Seb’s Cider and cider vinegar, Days Cottage cider and perry, Stroud Brewery and The Fresh Standard Brewing Company, a great selection of West Country tipples.