SHARE and Repair Stonehouse are the latest group to be nominated for the Best Community Project or Group.

Sandra Clarke nominated the group for a Stroud News and Journal Community Award.

She said: "Share and Repair have been in their workshop on Stonehouse High St for four years now and have grown from being a small enterprise to a successful, busy and valued community hub.

"By keeping much needed household items going and also restoring personal items, often which have sentimental value we believe we are providing a valuable service both to the environment and to members of the community .

"We check over and sell on items which are no longer needed and this helps provide funds which we need to run the shop.

"Most of our volunteers are retired so the workshop is a great way to make use of their varied skills and we all enjoy the social aspect of getting together in a common purpose.

"We all believe strongly in the benefits of repair, reuse and recycle from both an environmental and ethical point of view and our customers seem to agree!

"Over the last year, our 40 fantastic volunteers tackled over 1,500 repairs .

"We have been mindful of the financial problems facing many families and have provided over 30 draught excluders, numerous heaters, slow cookers and other small electrical items at low cost to the community.

"We built planters for the Stonehouse High St floral displays and items such as birdboxes and bee hotels to support wildlife.

"Our number of volunteers has increased and customers are now coming from Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cirencester to get their items mended.

"We are the only repair shop in the whole country that is open daily and we are gradually extending our hours to meet the community needs."

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