Trader of the week- Terra Cucina Italian

OUR Trader of the week this week is Terra Cucina Italian, which is the hot Italian brunch spot of Five Valleys.

We caught up with the owner of Terra to find out more about the restaurant and the new menu.

What is your full name? Clara

Are you the owner of the business? Yes

Where is Terrra located ? We are located within the Sandersons Boutique Store at Five Valleys, Stroud.

What food can people expect to find on the new menu? We have just launched our fabulous all-day brunch menu with a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes including toasted sourdough with fresh avocado cream, poached egg and chilli flakes, and Cornetto Salato is one of our favourites, this is a savoury croissant served with smoked salmon and avocado or prosciutto di Parma and mozzarella. In the afternoon we also serve a range of homemade cakes and sharing platters with prosecco!

What drinks can people expect to find on the menu? We have a large range of hot and cold drinks including coffee, tea, juices, and hot chocolate. We are proud to use Lavazza for all our coffees, as it is a premium Italian brand. Our coffees range from Flat White, Mocha, Cappuccino’s to iced coffees such as Iced Lattes and Mochas, which can all be served with flavoured syrup of your choice!

Why would people come to your coffee shop? If you’re looking for a girly brunch with your friends or you just want to come and relax whilst indulging in some great food and refreshments, then our coffee shop is the place for you! We are also located within the Sandersons Boutique store, so perfect for those who love to shop and brunch!

What is your opening times? We are open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.