THE deadline for nominating your community hero is coming.

You have until Sunday April 30 to put your nominations in for a Stroud News and Journal Community Award 2023.

We have been inundated with nominations from best community project to best business.

The latest nomination we received is for Teacher of the Year.

Ruth Flood is a teaching assistant at Chalford Hill School.

She was nominated by Kirsten McBryde.

She said:

"Mrs Flood is a TA a 1 to 1 to my son Ozzie at Chalford Hill School

"Our son Ozzie has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder he also has a very delayed Speech and Language disorder.

"She has been Ozzies TA for over a year now and Mrs Flood is the most amazing person to work with our son.

"She waits for him outside the school and he always looks forward to seeing her.

"She plans out Ozzies timetable every day.

"She makes sure alongside with the class Teacher ,that Ozzie is still included and joins in with the class, even though Ozzie has his own timetable and he has got very different needs to the rest of the class Mrs Flood very carefully manages Ozzie through out the door and looks out for any stressful situations.

"She works with Ozzie at his own pace and his level of learning which is very different to the rest of the class .

"Mrs Flood is an amazing person we are so lucky that she is Ozzies TA and how well she supports Ozzie throughout the day.

"We don't know how she does it.

"She has a very demanding job.

"She always looks for the positive and goes the extra mile to help him. She always makes time to listen to us a family.As a parent with a child with additional needs it is hard she is always there to listen and support us

"Mrs Flood supports Ozzie on a 1 to 1 throughout the day 4days a week.

"To us every day is an achievement no matter how small it is.Mrs Flood makes sure he is still included with the rest of the class despite his needs are very different to his peers.

"She is always there with a smile and always positive

"Keeping Ozzie achieve his best at Chalford Hill School.

"Mrs Flood deserves the recognition for what she does in a mainstream school."

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