WELL, what shall I write about this week?

It could be an ode to the wonder of purple sprouting, looking so fresh and with bounteous spears of deep magenta, or perhaps a further announcement about the second week of the asparagus season, or indeed the ongoing rhubarb season, which now sees stalks a good foot long.

Perhaps I’ll mention that despite the ongoing chilliness I’ve taken a sudden shine for salads these last few weeks and have been very grateful for the selection of salad leaf and tomatoes available on Saturdays, and what’s more, there were the first tunnel cucumber of the year at Hotch Potch (and courgettes and aubergines!).

I’m never 100% sure if it is the crunchy freshness and flavours of the veg or the drizzle of Stainswick Farm rapeseed oil honey and mustard salad dressing that gets me the most excited.

I should also mention that it is a bank holiday weekend, and it is set to warm up a bit with some southerly breezes and perhaps it won’t be too inhospitable for a nice garden gathering of friends with some local sausages and burgers on the bbq, some cider from Seb’s, Beer from Stroud Brewery or Fresh Standard or even country wines from VQ!

Or pop by early and pick up some Studio pastry pasties, some Cotswold Curer snack sticks, some Kimchi Peanuts and some olives, cherry tomatoes, some breads and cheeses and sweet treats for a day’s picnic?