I HAVE a punnet of strawberries in the fridge purchased on Saturday.

When I open the fridge door, I can smell their delicious sweetness. With moist eyes I have to tell that I haven’t been able to bite into a single one because I have a horrendous tooth ache! I can only eat warm food! Today, in desperation, I decided to put a few into my porridge when it was cooking and this was some small compensation, as both the colour and flavour, finished off with a drizzle of Jess’ Ladies cream, were most agreeable.

Coleshill Organic will be back with vegetables this week after a fortnight away. I have also heard that Paget’s bunched carrots may well be back on the menu; the early, tiny, finger carrots are delicious.

It’s a good time of year for plants too of course, with a huge variety of flowering and vegetable plants from various growers and this week features The Lavender Garden, with culinary herbs alongside the biggest variety of lavender plants in this part of the UK, and Malvern Salvia who, in turn, have the largest salvia collection; a huge range of colours and sizes.

Most of the meat stalls are stocking barbecue ready cuts, often marinated, sausages, burgers, for the garden party people who may also be on the hunt for some great ciders and beers, and perhaps even a bottle of Sibling Gin? Seb’s Cider and Days Cottage ranges of ciders are really very excellent and the perfect way to end a sunny day.