SNJ readers are no doubt fully aware of the strain put on family budgets by inflation. But consider the plight of some disadvantaged people that live in the outer areas of Stroud District and are subject to a double whammy on prices.

These people, usually elderly, possibly infirm and maybe on low income and not having access to a car, are reliant on local convenience stores for their shopping.

Its a known fact that such outlets of major supermarkets charge more for convenience than their larger stores, but the difference on some items is eyewatering

i.e. cling film, (local) £1.75x 25mtrs., (Town supermarket) £1.89x75mtrs.,

Fruit Trifle 3 pack (local) £2.25, (town) £1.29, eggs, bread and milk all higher local than town. There also seems to be a trend to stock a higher proportion of the supermarkets premium brands than regular products in the local stores.

To take advantage of the lower prices, discounts and special offers these shoppers must visit Stroud supermarkets by bus

On arrival at say Merrywalks where are the supermarkets? The onward journey and shopping laden return walk would be a daunting task for most people.

I would suggest a solution is the creation of a shoppers Shuttle Bus that runs from Merrywalks via Stratford Rd (Tesco ), Cashes Green (Co-op), Dundbridge (Lidl & Sainsbury's), Bath Rd (Aldi) and London Rd (Waitrose) the cost of such a bus may even be subsidised by those supermarkets with a conscience.

James Stone