I hope you all enjoyed the Stroud Food Festival? Certainly, the Saturday was a mega day in town, with people from near and far enjoying the food and weather.

Of course, we have a “food event” in the town every Saturday really, what with the farmers’ market, the Shambles market and the 5 Valleys market providing a truly outstanding range of food, but an event like the food festival really joins up and adds on to that, highlighting a key aspect of our culture. Food, Beer, Music!

And yes folks, this Saturday, you can once again come on down and enjoy Food, Beer, Music, as we have the delightful “Lick It Back” vintage Jamaica sound system playing a selection of reggae classics at the farmers market.

On the Beer front Uley Brewery and Stroud Brewery are in (Cider at Seb’s!) and as for food, well. . .

Strawberries are in and very nice too! Yes, they’ve gone up in price. Sad but inevitable. Asparagus is in full flush! Bunch carrots have returned. If you are early enough, you’ll find new potatoes! Lots of salads now available with leaves and lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber, radish all in.

Regulars may remember Glenda, an Italian lady who made some occasional appearances last year. Glenda is at the market this Saturday with her Italian Cannoli with various fillings, her speciality! Also look out for Rustic Puglia olive oil, The Garlic Farm, Rebel Fudge, Smart’s traditional Gloucester Cheeses and Karobi’s Ghee.