Around half of Britain's fish and chip shops could face closure in just the next three years due to rising costs. 

Price hikes on fish, oil, potatoes and energy are leaving many owners ­struggling to stay afloat.

There are 10,500 chippies currently but bosses at vinegar firm Sarson’s warn within three years there could be just 5,000.

On National Fish and Chip day (June 2) they are appealing to people to help save their local chippy, The Mirror reports.

A Sarson’s spokesman said: “It’s no secret our chippies are facing turbulent times. Half of all chip shops are at risk of closure within the next two years because of rising ingredients, energy and operational costs.”

Stroud News and Journal: Rising costs of ingredients and energy mean many fish and chip shops are under threatRising costs of ingredients and energy mean many fish and chip shops are under threat (Image: Canva)

What can people do to save their fish and chip shops?

On average people in the UK eat around 380 million portions of fish and chips a year, which works out to around seven meals per individual.

Sarson’s is urging people to add two more a year in a bid to save the industry.

It has launched “Fryday”, where it gives away free portions every Friday until next February.

The firm’s Vanni Cataldi said: “Fryday has one aim, to support the fish and chip shop industry during challenging conditions.”

National Federation of Fish Friers Andrew Crook, who owns a chippie in Chorley, Lancashire, added: “Fish and chip shops are so deeply entrenched in our culture and history, the thought of them disappearing is ­unimaginable.

“But given the threat of closure, this may become a bleak reality. From rising cost to ­operational challenges chippies face, our national dish is in danger.”