A MAN who lost his grandad to a brain tumour is jumping out of a plane to help find a cure for the disease.

Jack Bonner, 21, of Stroud, is taking part in a skydive in aid of the charity Brain Tumour Research. 

He’ll be joined by his aunt, Terena Jones, 62, of Hucclecote, as they prepare to take to the skies in the charity’s Jump for Hope on Saturday (tomorrow)

It’s in memory of Jack’s grandad and Terena’s dad, Ron Bonner who died of a gliobastoma (GBM) in January 2021.

Stroud News and Journal: Jack and his grandad

Grandad Ron, who had eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren began losing his sight in October 2021.

It was thought to be because of glaucoma but an eye test and further investigation led to the shocking discovery of a cancerous mass on his brain.

He was given medication to ease the swelling and build-up of pressure caused by the inoperable tumour.

However, the disease was too aggressive, and he died just three months later. He was 82.

The fundraising duo said they are inspired to support future generations who may be diagnosed with the disease.

Jack said: “Grandad was very stoic and didn’t show he was in any pain.

"He died when I was 18 and I remember him as being adventurous, which is perhaps where I get my playful side from.

“Seeing how quickly everything happened to my grandad has given me the motivation to want to do more things to help other people living with the disease.

I know my aunt is scared of heights whereas I am full of excitement.

"I’m pleased to be doing it with her to cheer her on from the plane.”

Stroud News and Journal: Jack and his aunty Terena

So far, Jack has raised more than £400 for Brain Tumour Research.

Mel Tiley, community development manager at Brain Tumour Research, said: “It’s sad to hear about Ron’s rapid deterioration after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

"His story reminds us that brain tumours are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any age.

We’re really grateful to Jack and Terena for taking on this challenge and wish him the best of luck on the day.”