UNFORTUNATELY, The Old Cheese Room are still unable to return to the market as their work with the EHO continues to sort out their processes in the light of a dodgy bacteria showing up in a sample of their cheese a few months back.

This is a highly unusual occurrence and one we haven’t experienced with a stallholder before.

Much of the cheese available at the market is made from unpasteurised milk, from small herds, mostly reared by the farm on which the cheese is made.

The Old Cheese Room have Jersey cows, Jonathan Crump has a herd of Gloucester cattle, Godsell’s mostly Friesians, Smart’s a mixed herd of Gloucester, Holstein, Brown Swiss and Meuse Rhine Issel and White Lake farm their own goats too.

This level of connection between the cheese maker and the herd is what helps create the unique ranges of cheese we have at the market, with each herd bearing its own signature.

This Saturday will see the return of Stroud Smokehouse after a holiday and Saira’s Asian Savouries will be away as Sanjeev is off to Chicago for a conference!

(Not a conference on savoury snacks!). Monthly faves Stainswick Rapeseed Oils, Spoon South West greenwood crafts, Woodchester Valley Vineyard and The Garlic Farm all return too whilst heritage (multi coloured) carrots make a return at Paget’s Veg.

The bunched carrots are looking great too!

Who remembers when they used to pile them up really high against the pillar, back in the day they had their veg trailer in the entrance way?