VIEWS are needed regarding the use of remaining burial plots in a Stroud cemetery. 

Spaces for burials are running out within the new cemetery in Bisley Road, so the Town Council is exploring options for extending the operational span of the remaining plots.

There are approximately 50 coffin burial plots remaining, which is likely to last only three more years.

The town council is carrying out a consultation with residents about how to manage the remaining plots.

Within the new cemetery, at the bottom of the hill, there is also a plot of land laid to grass that has previously been used to bury non-toxic building waste.

Stroud News and Journal: Views needed about Stroud cemetery

Initial investigations indicate that this land is unlikely to be suitable for use as additional burial ground.

Included in the survey are questions are about how the town council should manage this land in the future.

The choices made regarding use and the costs involved would have an impact on the council tax payments of people living within the parish.

"Stroud is similar to many towns in the UK and we are running out of space for burials," said mayor Stella Parkes. 

"The Town Council needs to understand people's thoughts on this before we can make any decisions.

“There is likely to be a cost implication so it is important that we, as a town council, reflect the wishes of the people of Stroud.”

Paper versions of the survey, which is open until July 21, can be collected from the town council offices in London Road.

Residents can complete the survey here -

Further information is available on the Town Council