CAMPAIGNERS have called for hunts to be banned from the Royal Three Counties Show.

The League Against Cruel Sports, an animal welfare charity, has written to organisers asking them to stop hosting hunts and hounds.

The group wants to see immediate action, with the show set to hold a second Parade of Hounds display on Sunday (June 18), following one on Friday.

A spokesperson for LACS said: “Shocking stories have been broadcast across our television screens showing incidents related to illegal hunting activity proving that trail hunting is nothing but a sham and a smokescreen for old fashioned illegal hunting.

“Statistics for the 2022-2023 season released by the League Against Cruel Sports in April show nearly 1,000 incidents of fox hunts wreaking havoc across the country, and this is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.

“Hunting continues as it did before the Hunting Act 2004 was introduced.

“It’s time for change. It’s time county shows stopped allowing hunts to show hounds and parade in front of the public.

“Please send the Royal Three Counties Show a polite email asking it to stop hosting hunts.”

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Stroud News and Journal: A second Parade of Hounds is due to be held on SundayA second Parade of Hounds is due to be held on Sunday (Image: Newsquest)

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A spokesperson for the Royal Three Counties Show has said they continue to review the event’s programme but stated that all activity promoted is within the law.

They said: “As an organisation that supports the rural community, Three Counties Agricultural Society are aware that there are a range of contentious subjects which many on both sides of the discussion are passionate about. Three Counties aims to take a balanced and inclusive approach and in doing so regularly reviews such matters.

 “We acknowledge that people within the communities we support will have different viewpoints on rural issues. We encourage people to be respectful when engaging in conversations or debates, whether they are conducted on social media, over email or at our shows.

 “All activity promoted by Three Counties Agricultural Society is within the law. If we become aware of a legal issue about an organisation or individual, the matter is rigorously reviewed.”