Chloe Castleton

Stroud News and Journal: Chloe CastletonChloe Castleton (Image: Newsquest)

Chloe Castleton is a class act and has been nominated as teacher of the year in the Stroud News & Journal Community Awards.

Chloe is a drama teacher at Stroud High School and works relentlessly to promote her subject with her students. She cares for their progress and their well being and always goes the extra mile to make sure they feel loved and have a good time, whilst making sure they have high reaching ambitions in drama of course but also in whatever path they chose to follow.

She is a well loved member of the community, and has gained the respect of every member of the school.

She has helped a number students through tough times.

Chloe has also produced the school show, dedicated all of her free time to it for month (whilst being a wonderful mother for her own toddler as well!).

The school show (Little Shop of Horrors) involved well over 100 students and got standing ovations from the audience!

Tori Gunn

Stroud News and Journal: Tori GunnTori Gunn (Image: Newsquest)

Tori Gunn of The Speech Den (Speech and Language Therapist) has been nominated in the teacher of the year award. She is so supportive of children with additional needs and always acts in such a supportive way. For being kind and thoughtful. For helping so many children meet their goals. Supporting many children across Stroud with their speech , language and communication development. Tori qualified as a speech and language therapist following completion of the clinical communication studies MmedSci master’s degree course at University of Sheffield. Tori has experience working in special and mainstream schools, clinics and early years settings with children with a range of speech, language and communication needs. Tori creates professional colourful semantics resources for schools and parents to use. Tori is a qualified Makaton signer. Tori also specialises in supporting children with auditory processing difficulties.

Ruth Flood

Stroud News and Journal: Ruth FloodRuth Flood (Image: Newsquest)

Ruth Flood is a teaching assistant to my son Ozzie at Chalford Hill School
Mrs Flood is an amazing person we are so lucky that she is Ozzie’s TAand how well she supports Ozzie throughout the day.
We don’t know how she does it. She has a very demanding job. She always looks for the positive and goes the extra mile to help him. She always makes time to listen to us a family. As a parent with a child with additional needs it is hard She is always there to listen and support us
Mrs Flood supports Ozzie on a 1 to 1 throughout the day 4days a week. To us every day is an achievement no matter how small it is.Mrs Flood makes sure he is still included with the rest of the class despite his needs are very different to his peers. She is always there with a smile and always positive, keeping Ozzie achieve his best at Chalford Hill School.
Mrs Flood deserves the recognition for what she does in a mainstream school