The Exchange

Stroud News and Journal: The ExchangeThe Exchange (Image: Newsquest)

The Exchange’s vision is simple: providing a high quality, state of the art business incubator and meeting venue in the heart of Stroud, for local small businesses, charities and a diverse range of community groups.

It’s there for that critical moment when a business idea is born and needs encouragement and simple, flexible and uncomplicated support to get it up and running – and off the dining room table.

The Exchange also provides free a full range of support and facilities to Ukrainian refugees trying to establish a new life in the UK.


Made in Stroud

Stroud News and Journal: Made in StroudMade in Stroud (Image: Newsquest)

This shop is always so beautifully presented with helpful and friendly staff they’re always going above and beyond to give a good shopping experience wrapping gifts and helping with restless children in the shop offering toys and a smile.
 They have a great ethical approach to their business and give local makers and producers a safe and valuable space to sell their products. Giving local makers a voice and a way of continuing the valuable and much needed brand of shopping local to safe the high street from big chain monsters.

Stroud Brewery

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud BreweryStroud Brewery (Image: UGC)

Entering the Brewery as a customer the atmosphere is amazing.  Everyone is welcome, including children and families.  
There are people from a broad spectrum, clearly enjoying themselves. The range of activities is extraordinary with everything from live music to board games evenings, a warm space to work, harp lessons and adventure films.
The brewery cares passionately about the Stroud community, and supports it. The food is delicious and varied from coffee and cakes to beer and wine.
Stroud Brewery is a fantastic example of how a business can combine profit with purpose and become an important community asset.