Ducklings Toy Shop

Stroud News and Journal: Ducklings Toy ShopDucklings Toy Shop (Image: Newsquest)

Ducklings is a fantastic family run toy shop. It’s run by Josh and Colin who are very proud to say the business is run by the family.

One customer said: “Its always a must whenever I make a visit to Stroud and the kids absolutely love it.

“The customer service is always amazing. They always seem so happy to be there (even when it is very busy on a Saturday), and they will happily go out of their way to help you if they can.

They stock the largest selection of toys anywhere in Stroud, including a massive range of Lego, playmobil, Wooden toys and amazing board games for the whole family.

During the holidays they organise events such as Lego building competitions and Pokemon Swap days which are always very busy.”

The White Oak Clinic

Stroud News and Journal: White Oak ClinicWhite Oak Clinic (Image: Newsquest)

THE White Oak Clinic has been nominated for its outstanding customer service in the Stroud News & Journal Community Awards.
White Oak Clinic provides Amatsu traditional Japanese medicine in Stroud, Gloucestershire and Holborn London in the UK.
Led by James Overall, the clinic aims to treat the whole body, not just the symptom, as an alternative way back to full health. 
Their treatments encompass Acupuncture, Japanese “Anma” massage, skeletal adjustment and visceral and Cranial balancing.
This is a powerful holistic and integrative approach to healing and maintaining health, and can be applied to many different conditions.
In the nomination for it said: “James is a fantastic traditional Japanese medicine therapist.
“Very helpful in medical conditions.
“Has helped me personally with my medical condition .”

Made in Stroud

Stroud News and Journal: Clare Honeyfield owner of Made in StroudClare Honeyfield owner of Made in Stroud (Image: Newsquest)

MADE In Stroud has been nominated for the Best Customer Service Award.
Made in Stroud started as a series of makers’ markets in 1991, evolved into Stroud’s famous Farmers’ Market opened in 1999 by special guests Isabella Blow and Jasper Conran, The Made in Stroud Shop followed in 2000. 
They now have an  online shop, where people can peruse the exquisite work of their wonderful makers any time any where. 
They add new products every week, so keep an eye out for limited edition ranges, exclusives and specials.
The nomination said: “Because they always take the time to speak to all of their customers and assist them when required even when this results in no sale.  Nothing is ever too much trouble.The result of this is that customers return time after time.
“They have worked tirelessly to adapt and keep going through tough times and are doing an amazing job that deserves some recognition.”