BRING out the trumpets, sound the salute!

Here come Court Farm with their cherries, starting this Saturday and probably with us for about six weeks.

As yet we have no idea where their stall will be, and it is likely to be moving around during the next few weeks, but they will be there somewhere!

Styan’s Family produce also have cherries on their stall as well as a wide range of other berries, including gooseberries and various colours of currant, and of course, strawberries will continue to be available.

We love to see stalls collaborating across various disciplines, so, for example, Funky Falafel source their salad vegetables from Good Small Farms, Daisy’s Farm supplies Niang’s Thai Snacks with peppers in season, Pippin Doughnuts us Styan’s rhubarb and so on, but it is even more exemplary when our producers grow or rear their own produce for their products.

Frocester Fayre are a great example of this with their range of pies and ready meals, but there are other, less obvious, examples too.

Saira gets the whole family involved in the family garden which is now virtually an allotment, and she uses the home grown veg across their range of Asian Savoury snacks, with Pakoras, a range of Puri, Spring Roll, Samosas and re-heat at home curries all available every week.

Regulars may have noticed we have had to move things around a bit, temporarily, Saymor the bed shop had ceilings fall in during the deluge and have asked Hinton Marsh Farm to be moved while they get sorted.