IT’S holiday season by the looks and stallholders are taking theirs too!

If you are a raclette fan get some this week because after that they are away for three weeks.

Selsley Foods’ holiday means Sibling Distillery will be next to Seb’s Cider, which will be a fun section of the market! Julian Harvard cut flowers will be away now for a few weeks which is perfect timing for Court Farm cherries, who will be able to slot into that space and give their wondrous baubles of purply delight maximum exposure! In the square Lansdown pottery’s holiday means Karen Hilliard ceramics can come into their space, so that’s perfect too.

Look out for In a Spin this week. It is an unusual time to think about woollies for the kids but with the way the summer weather has gone, if you’re going camping, you need a jumper!

This is one of those stalls that has been at the market for years, once a month, and is incredibly well known and popular, with their unique self-spun wool and knitwear, mostly for little people. Elsewhere, on a similar theme, we have Daphne and Margot, again a monthly stall (3rd Saturdays), who handmade children’s clothes with bright fabrics.

Foodies will be delighted to see the Garlic Farm and the extensive veg and meat counters and it’s a three cheese stalls week, with Jonathan Crump Gloucester Cheeses, Godsell’s Church Farm Cheeses and Village Maid Cheeses all in action!