A PUPPY found with "horrific injuries" after being rescued from an abusive family has been completely transformed thanks to the help of an animal shelter near Dursley.

At 16 weeks-old a terrier called Lara was found by the RSPCA with injuries described as “harrowing” and “heart-breaking” at the hands of her previous family. 

It is believed Lara’s injuries were inflicted during three separate incidents of blunt force trauma and included multiple fractures to her skull, rib, cheekbones, jaw, femur and teeth.

The extent of the injuries meant that Lara had to spend the next four months recovering at RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Hospital near Birmingham.

Once Lara was well enough, she was transferred to Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home near Whitminster where she was eventually fostered by the charity’s receptionist Amy Day. 

Amy and her family, from the Stroud area, slowly helped Lara to overcome her trauma, recover from her injuries and to start trusting people again. 

Over a year later, Lara now has a forever home and was recently adopted. 

Meanwhile, the RSPCA prosecuted Lara's abuser, and the judge said that it was the “worst case of cruelty” they had ever seen.

Amy said: “I don’t think anything could prepare me really, for what walked through the door.

“Lara has literally transformed. She was an empty shell. 

“There was nothing but fear in her eyes, when she walked through the door. 

“So giving her that chance to recover and blossom into the young goofy dog that she has become now. 

“I absolutely love her to pieces.”

Stroud News and Journal: Lara at 16 weeks old, just after being rescued from her abusive family Lara at 16 weeks old, just after being rescued from her abusive family (Image: CDCH)

Stroud News and Journal: Lara with her foster parent CDCH receptionist Amy Day Lara with her foster parent CDCH receptionist Amy Day (Image: CDCH)

RSPCA Inspector Nicola Johnson said: “Looking at Lara today it’s hard to imagine the fragile, broken puppy we rescued from unimaginable cruelty. 

“I deal with an awful lot of broken animals, Lara was so broken. 

“I was shown scans of her broken bones and I’ve never seen so many broken bones on an animal before in my life. 

“Today she’s a joyful, healthy and confident dog whose life has been completely transformed by care. 

“She’s got a life, she's not in pain anymore. 

“It's thanks to the beautiful bond she had with Amy that Lara has now gone on to find a safe, loving adoptive home.

“Thanks to the hard work of my fellow RSPCA prosecutions team, Lara’s abuser was brought to justice.

“At the sentencing, the judge said it was the worst case of cruelty they’d seen."

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