Anthony Hentschel wrote a disturbing letter (SNJ 19th July) concerning the world’s increasing population but alas he completely lost the plot by including Boris Johnson within his statistics. Most readers would have gone “nudge nudge, wink wink” with admiration knowing that a 59-year-old man is fit enough to father a child.

Actually his 9 children are shared between 4 different women which would bring their average increase to Britain’s population to around 2 or just above the national average of 1.61. And that average has been declining for past six or seven years and is one of the lowest in Europe.

In Victorian times it was not uncommon for a couple to have upwards to 13 children. The decline in number of children born coincided with a better standard of living amongst the population, something that has been replicated throughout Europe.

Therefore Mr Hentschel would be better employed using his energy to help raise the standard of living of the planet’s poorer nations rather than take a cheap shot at a celebrity individual.

Brian Neate