I fail to understand Roger Plenty's logic. He actually compares the so-called scientific 'facts' to the obvious very clear facts relating to electricity/electricians. If an electrician understands the issues re electricity, clearly there is no room for error. But science?

There is a really wide spectrum of scientists who have different viewpoints.

The science is never fixed or 'settled'. This is simply another form of propaganda. There is plenty of room for error.

There used to be a very healthy debate re scientific issues. Not anymore. Now, more than ever, scientists are funded by the very businesses/corporations that they should be challenging. I remember Dr Richard Feynman describing his NASA experience as being extremely threatening. They really did not want him there because he did not follow the proposed narrative.

Sadly we live in a corrupt world because money underlies every aspect of life and people are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their positions. They prefer to just lie low. Perhaps it does not occur to Roger Plenty that there are scientists who are being paid to stick to the government narrative. BE SAFE. STAY AT HOME. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

What does he think of ULEZ? Or the push towards a cashless society, where we will all be under surveillance?

This is no longer science fiction, or a conspiracy theory.

Does Roger Plenty believe it is morally acceptable to murder 200 000 or more cows in the name of climate change to validate the promotion of laboratory produced pretend food, under the guise of veganism?

It is certainly not the direction I wish to go in.

Sara-Lea Small