STEAMPUNKS bought an enchanting weekend of eccentricity, marvels and whimsy to Stroud.

There were fabulous costumes plus quirky activities such as tea duelling, cheese rolling, unusual croquet along with stalls, curiosities and talks at Stroud Steampunk held at Lansdown Hall and Bank Gardens

Saturday night saw Gloucestershire goth legends Inkubus Sukkubus perform along with 'chap hop’ entertainer Professor Elemental, singer Jessica Law and a proper old fashioned knees-up with the the Cogkneys.

Susie Roberts, one of the organisers, said: "It was a memorable weekend with pith helmets, corsets and goggles all sponsored by Stroud Arts Festival.

"Stroud Steampunk is a community-driven cultural phenomenon dedicated to celebrating the charm and eccentricity of Victorian science fiction and adventure.

"Each year, it brings together enthusiasts, artists, and performers to create an immersive experience that captures the essence of this fascinating genre."

Pictures by Simon Pizzey