THE weather forecast for this Saturday coming is one of those classic Met office ones with rain, sun, cloud, and possible windiness all showing. A “hedge your bets” forecast.

We are all a little despondent about the summer weather down at the farmers’ market. It’s 7 wet Saturdays out of the last 8!! Last week was atrocious! Even my own usual stoism about the weather was crushed.

We will have Stroud Smokehouse back this week after a holiday. Ian has made a marvellous success of the Smokehouse, bringing his cheffing knowledge to bear on the art of the smoker.

Daisy’s farm cafe are in too and will have a selection of fresh produce alongside their usual market fayre of sourdough toasties, Rave Coffee, loose leaf teas and sweet treats.

With so many livestock farmers attending weekly it is easy to forget to mention them because they are not “news” as such. Adeys Organic, farming in Berkeley, have been at the market since the outset. They are the only certified organic livestock farmer at the market and as such are very popular with the discerning customer. Their stall is in the far corner of the Square, and they often forget their banner so they are easy to miss for less frequent visitors, but I’m told the quality of their product can’t be faulted

Finally, a shout out to great local seasonal fruit! Cherries, plums, raspberries, strawberries, early apples, damsons. Wow!