Richard House asks us to consider whether our freedoms might be curtailed by an industrial complex using climate change as an excuse for more profiteering.

Extinction Rebellion shares these concerns which is why our demands have always centred around citizens assemblies of ordinary people choosing how to respond together to the unfolding crisis and collapse which is already devastating communities across the world.

I recommend to Richard and others Prof Jem Bendells book Breaking Together, for a freedom-loving approach to these times and as a response to the issues Richard raises.

Many of us have a concern that we may be on a path to ecofascism and that there are agendas being played out by various elite groupings at this time.

This includes harnessing peoples genuine and reasonable concerns about corporate control into pipe lines towards the alt-right, climate denial and various invidious forms of hatred.

In opposing one set of elite interests by promoting The Light, Richard and others are acting as puppets for another set.

This saddens me deeply and should be clear to anyone who is well aware that human caused climate change is a thoroughly established scientific fact and that climate denial and delay are well funded corporate elite games.

Dr Gail Bradbrook

Co Founder

Extinction Rebellion