Beat the Chasers presenter Bradley Walsh was left so surprised by a contestant getting flustered over a question about Swindon that he walked off of the stage.

The spin-off to The Chase on ITV saw Wiltshire student Emily, take on the 'Super Six' brainiacs for a chance at the cash prize. 

But before it even began, the 20-year-old made a blunder that saw the presenter walk off the stage in disbelief.

The Chase spin-off returned to screens last night with a rerun of one of its funniest episodes ahead of its sixth season premiere. In the last episode of season four, Bradley, 63, welcomed Emily on and asked her some introductory questions about herself.


She revealed she was a university student currently doing field archaeology in Wiltshire. 

“It’s not that exciting,” she said.

Bradley said:"Hey, Wiltshire is the home to one of the great wonders of the world."

The Sinnerman (Paul Sinha) then joked it was in fact Swindon.

“Oh, what, the magic roundabout? It's not a bad place,” Emily said.

But then Bradley said: “I’m not talking about Swindon, I’m talking about Stonehenge!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that!” Emily admitted.

In disbelief, Bradley walked off set to stand with viewers to collect himself.

Stroud News and Journal: Emily on Beat the Chasers

When he finally caught his breath, he spoke to the audience, asking: “Really? What sort of archaeologist is she? How can you forget about Stonehenge?”

Despite her blunder, Emily went on to win big on the quiz show. 

The student took home £10,000, which she planned to put toward buying a narrowboat.