AND onward we go! Into a new part of the year! Besley’s strawberries are done for 2023 and wanted to share their gratitude for a fabulous season, and this Saturday will see us wave adieu to The Lavender Garden once again as Andrew retreats to the nursery for the winter.

Have you ever visited? As well as the fabulous varieties of Lavender, the nursery also holds the National Buddleia Collection, meaning every British species. The Lavender Garden is at Ashcroft Nursery in Kingscote, near Dursley.

Tuga Pastries are back this week after taking an impromptu break (well deserved believe me!) and I’ve just heard that The Billowing Loaf are having the week off this week, (undoubtedly equally well deserved!)

Sibling Gin are in for their monthly attendance and Seb’s Cider should also be returning, although it is a hectic time of year for lone cider makers; the apples need collecting!

Godsell’s and Jonathan Crump are in with Cheeses but Village Maid are away too I’m afraid, whilst Maryanne’s Bakes and preserves are back after their holiday. Also in this week are Daphne and Margot, children’s clothes, VQ country wines, Rose and Marie cosmetics and Quiggies Piggies.

We are amused every week to have the question “are the egg stall coming today” directed our way by customers from 7.30 onwards. The egg stall always arrives after 8.45, and they never miss a market. It suits us that they come that late as it means we can put their stall up when all the other stalls have arrived.