SEVERN Trent’s £25 million project to reduce sewer flooding in Stroud is moving closer to completion after its tunnel boring machines have finished laying 1.7 km of brand-new sewer pipes. 

The water and waste company is aiming to transform the network in the town by providing those living in Stroud with a reliable sewer network, hoping to create more storage to protect homes and businesses from blockages and flooding, and also improve river health. 

Four tunnel boring machines have been used to tunnel underground to lay the new pipes in order to minimise disruption above ground for residents.

All four machines were named by the local community, or by those working on the project. 

Chloe Dobbs, project manager, has now given the latest update ahead of it’s planned completion of Autumn 2024.

Stroud News and Journal: Project manager Chloe Dobbs given an update on the £25 million sewerage project in StroudShe said: “It’s been great to be involved in a project such as this and it’s great to see how well it’s coming along.

"We’re making good progress – we’ve completed the laying of the trunk sewer with all of the tunnel boring machines which has been a big piece of work and we’ve finished laying the rings of the new CSO storm tank shaft which is 26m in depth. 

“Using the tunnel boring machines has been so beneficial – they have been cutting through the earth, laying new pipes in their path without residents being aware of the amazing work going on beneath their feet. 

“We’ve worked closely with businesses to mitigate any disruption and we’ve held customer drop-in sessions where it’s been great to meet customers with a keen interest in the project.” 

The new CSO site, just off the Ebley bypass, houses a storm tank, which will increase the capacity of the local network considerably.  

It will have smart controls that can hold water back during severe weather events, before returning it back to Severn Trent’s treatment works when rainfall has subsided and capacity to treat it is available.