The parallels between World War II and the fight against the climate crisis are clear.

As in 1939 people know a crisis is coming. And like then there is an urgent need for bold leadership to tell the truth about the dangers we face and what needs to be done for our survival.

Like Neville Chamberlain our current Prime Minister doesn't have the strength of character to level with the public, build consensus and prepare our country for the coming storm and what needs to be done to create a better, cleaner, greener and fairer world.

Our Prime Minister has given up "leading". By retreating from his government's climate policies, Britain will no longer be leading the world in the fight against the climate crisis. In the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, he is throwing away our chance of being the birthplace of the Green Industrial Revolution. Who is going to invest in Britain now, with a government flip-flopping on its own policy commitments?

In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis we're crying out for new green investment, new well paid jobs, well insulated houses and cheaper green energy.

Unfortunately, to appease the right-wing climate deniers Sunak has caved in. Like Chamberlain he is not up for the fight.

Mark Epton