It’s a 5th Saturday again this week, which is always fun as it totally confuses our regulars who generally expect to see their 1st Saturday of the month faves, only to find they’re not there!

For example, cheese wise, the regulars may be expecting Jonathan Crump and Godsell’s Cheeses but instead it will be White Lake and Village Maid!

It is also a bit tricky for us as organisers because what we find is that our numbers for the usual 4th Saturday are divided by those who do the 4th and those who do the last Saturdays.

What it does mean though is that we are able to bring in some guests and occasional traders.

I’m delighted we have been able to find a space for a new local potter who has never been before, David Cooper Ceramics and equally delighted that we have found a space for Hope and Arley who were there last week and again this week with pistachios from their own farm in Greece.

This is outside our usual allowance for fitting in with the rules, but they are there as a guest stall. Cashoo, the recycled cashmere accessories stall are back for the winter months with their fabulous range of mitts and snoods now that some of the summer stalls have finished and Cotswold Orchard Herbs are also in with their eclectic range of herbs, interesting pot hangers and other things. Other unexpected attendees include Cotswold Handmade Soaps and Candles and Down To Earth with allotment veg and plants.