Sara-Lea Small's letter in the issue of 27 Sept. praises Kevin Towell's proposal (in the discussion of the climate crisis) that we should 'live and let live'.

It is scarcely a situation in which 'live and let live' is an appropriate thing to say. The case for the reality of the crisis is now made. We have a choice of resisting it or of being killed by it. Yes, it is that serious. And the proposal by Info Hub to have a debate, to continue Mark Epton's analogy of WWII, is a bit like a debate in the thirties about the Nazi's attitude to the Jews. The answer is obvious.

Last Wednesday' Guardian carried the front page headline 'Out of control: Scientists stunned by planet's record September heat', on a background of a graph showing world temperatures in each September since 1940.

The rise last month was startling and horrifying. This follows the hottest August and the hottest July, the latter being the hottest month ever recorded. One scientist called the situation 'gobsmackingly bananas', another says 'I am still struggling to comprehend how a single year can jump so much compared with previous years.' This article is on

Compare this with The Light's attempts to discuss this subject, in which a graph was deliberately falsified. Who are we to believe? Ninety nine percent of the world's climate scientists, or a newssheet that finds it necessary to falsify the information that it supplies and which is otherwise noticeably free of evidence?

Roger Plenty