Ben Hur Returns

With reference to the sharp rise of road injuries and deaths reported in the SNJ to almost double the average, a chief reason maybe that motorists are often driving up to and over double the speed limit.

As well as the inevitable dangers to pedestrians, cyclists and random animals as well, more speed and acceleration produces more air and noise pollution.

Having lived near two main road arteries around Stroud over the last 20 years, I have seen very little effective enforcement or traffic calming to deal with what is now endemic speeding and bullying of those motorists who are taking care.

To be now thinking of producing a road safety strategy, presumably by GCC, is somewhat locking the Colosseum’s main portal after the chariots have bolted releasing crazed gladiators loose onto it’s streets.

Whilst we wait for the ‘strategy’, may more peace and consideration descend onto our roads.

Will Mercer