CONFLICT. Inequality. The coming of winter. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive outlook.

Yet the harvest and the gifts of nature will always bring a glow to those who take a moment to remember.

And most of us are still cheered up by a nice dinner made with great ingredients, and the company of friends and relations.

So it is that Saturdays allow us to let go of the things that are troubling us, and to focus on the great food stalls at the farmers market and all over the town, whilst bumping into friends and making merry a while.

Whilst the vegetable selection will be boosted by the return of Paget’s Produce (fortnightly for the foreseeable) I need to let you know that Westland’s Nursery, they of the micro greens and tomatoes, will be away this week, but back next.

Madgett’s Farm Poultry put an ad on facebook this week that they are taking orders from now for Christmas big birds such as Goose and Turkey (and chicken I imagine).

We have not been able to persuade any of the regional (nearest in Somerset) organic Turkey raisers to attend the market, so if you insist on organic it might be wise to google and find one that is taking orders.

Look out for Stainswick Farm rapeseed oil this week, back after a 2 month absence, and Woodchester Valley Vineyard are in for their monthly stall too, whilst Daisy’s Farm café will be back with their Hobbs House bread sourdough toasties, which could be just the thing as the temperatures start to drop.