Fancy that, Siobhan Baillie agrees with the P.M.( S.N.J. Oct 11 )Who would be against such a plan, but one has to ask, why it has taken so long for the people elected to look after us to realise that smoking is bad for us.

Not just for the last 13 years but ever since Walter Raleigh got back from his holidays and brought a few packets through duty free. It was probably something to do with the tobacco plantation owners being the same people who were supposed to be running the country.

Rishi Sunak says the effects of smoking costs the N.H.S. i.e. us, millions of pound each year to treat those effected. Well, the organisation Action on Smoking and Health has been telling successive governments that for the last 50 years and even now, the bold P.M. who, according to his friend, is "used to taking difficult and unpopular decisions in the face of shouting" hasn't actually done anything that will effect anyone who is currently a smoker.

So who are these shouters and what is their problem?

As is usual, Ms Baillie makes claims but never produces any evidence to support them.

Assuming for one moment the P.M. is bold enough to take difficult decisions, why doesn't he introduce a similar plan for alcohol.

It's far more damaging than tobacco, the effect is immediate and the cost to the economy is far greater.

A friend of mine is an A and E consultant and tells me that if alcohol was banned their work load would be halved immediately.

Just think, if the police didn't have to deal with drink driving they would have time to investigate crimes.

Wouldn't that be revolutionary! Rishi Sunak who is apparently a dietary expert and says "cigarettes and vapes can be given up" makes the profound statement that "food will always be important to all of our lives".

Incredible isn't it, the extent of the knowledge of a Tory P.M. As his knowledge doesn't extend that far and he is tee-total, perhaps Ms Baillie could explain for him, why alcohol is not as dangerous as tobacco and why there are so many subsidised bars in the Palace of Westminster?

Lets not hold our breath!!!

Howard Price.