I am relieved and encouraged to learn that Andrew Bridgen MP has arranged a parliamentary debate on Friday 20th October, on the alarming rise in average excess deaths. I urge all concerned Stroud citizens to contact our MP Siobhan Baillie, requesting that she attend this vital discussion on our behalf.

There’s surely no more important issue for politicians to address than unusual increases in the nation’s death rate.

Between May to December 2022, deaths from ischaemic heart disease and heart failure are considerably higher- e.g. a 38.9% increase in deaths from cardiac arrhythmias in December 2022, including an alarming 12.8% increase in the 20-34 age group. Detailed data is available on the Government’s Office of National Statistics website.

In 2023 to date, ONS data show there have been 24 weeks when the number of non-covid deaths has been greater than the maximum number of deaths for the corresponding week in any of the 10 years 2010 to 2019 inclusive!-or 24 out of 38 weeks. For 2022, the corresponding number was 31 weeks. These are clearly not random variations.

Our MPs are inexplicably refusing to acknowledge these disturbing trends. Many MEPs, however, have alerted the European Parliament. Respected researcher Dr John Campbell’s excellent video on this issue of 11 January 2023 is a must-view (see tinyurl.com/4bd54dr5).

Countries which have invested the most in Covid vaccines have the highest average excess death rates. Why isn’t this headline news, I wonder, in the same way that the death rates were announced daily as headline news at the height of the Covid pandemic?

Without urgent answers to these questions, people will inevitably ask what are our elected representatives trying to hide? It would be grossly irresponsible not to hold a full independent investigation.

Louise Maclellan,