The mum of Gloucestershire Big Brother housemate Henry has revealed how "surprised" she was when he was nominated for eviction during the second week.

Housemates were asked to vote for two people each to be nominated, unlike last week where they only had to vote for one each.

Zak received five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin and Henry, whilst Henry received four nominations from Dylan, Olivia, Noky and Jenkin.

One of those two will be leaving the Big Brother house in Friday's episode (October 20) and ITV chatted to Henry's mum Suzy about the prospect of that.

'I was obviously just upset'

When asked how she felt that her son was up for eviction Suzy said: "I mean, at the beginning of this week I was thinking, I'm missing him and I want him back, you know, because we're very close and he calls me twice a day.

"So I was kind of missing him, but then yesterday when he was up for the eviction, that took me by surprise because I didn't think he would have been up. I was obviously just upset because he was upset."

She revealed that she had found it very hard to watch Henry being upset in the Diary Room after he had found out he was nominated.

Suzy shared: "I think he would have taken that very personally. He’s taken it as an attack on him, having thought that everybody liked him because in the outside world everybody does love Henry!

"I mean he's a very popular boy. So I think that's why he was so upset."

Henry's mum enjoying son's bond with Jordan

Just two weeks into the show one friendship in particular has caught the hearts and minds of Big Brother viewers as Henry and Jordan have bonded.

Commenting on how well they get along, Suzy said: "I was at the launch and as soon as Jordan walked on that stage, I thought Henry's gonna really like him. I could just tell there was just something about him and I thought, they're going to get on really well, out of any of them.

"It was almost instant. And the same with Trish as well, I can tell he really likes her because he likes to debate things and likes discussions. And Yinrun obviously is gorgeous, she's so lovely. It pleased me that he got that little group."

Henry's mum reveals who she thinks will be evicted

When giving her verdict on whether Henry would survive the eviction vote, Suzy said: "Well, I thought Zak would go out before Henry so, putting it that way, I think Henry will be the one to stay in.

"Nothing against Zak particularly of course, I just think Henry will stay in longer than a lot of them to be honest!"

Voting for the eviction during the second week is currently open on the Big Brother app ahead of Friday's episode.

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm on weekdays and Sundays.