AN IMPORTANT change has taken place outside the bus stops in Merrywalks recently. 

Two benches have been installed outside the bus stops in Merrywalks, following concerns about a lack of seating in the area. 

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson has also hinted at 'larger plans for Merrywalks'. 

They said: “We have installed some new benches at Merrywalks following discussions with Stroud Town Council and Stroud District Council about concerns over a lack of seating there.

“We are also working on larger plans for Merrywalks, which we hope will greatly improve the area for bus passengers.

“We have agreed with Stroud Town Council that the benches will carry a plaque dedicating them to Lorna Parker, one of the lead campaigners for the benches and a tireless campaigner for public transport improvements, who sadly passed away recently.”