The government has published a list of 55 towns that are to receive money from a new £1billion funding package for ‘left-behind’ towns.

The towns on the list each get £20 million over 10 years to invest in local people’s priorities, such as reviving high streets, tackling antisocial behaviour, improving transport and growing the local economy. All activities that Stroud would love to have more funding for.

Unfortunately, Stroud is conspicuous by its absence from the list. Yet another disappointment following the Conservative government’s earlier decision not to give our town anything from the Levelling Up Fund, which would have enabled big improvements to the town centre.

Given that most of the towns are in Conservative constituencies, this marks yet another failure by MP Siobhan Baillie to win anything for Stroud.

She’s brought Ministers to Stroud to look at the train stations and the canals. She’s campaigned for levelling up money, and to reopen full maternity services. All she has achieved is some money for a feasibility study that has now been stuck on the Minister’s desk for months.

Many people will be asking why Stroud is still being left behind after 13 years of Conservative government. Could it be that the Conservatives have given up on Stroud completely, with the left-behind towns funding being sent to constituencies where they still have some chance of winning?


Cate James-Hodges

( a concerned constituent)