In the S.N.J. of November 1st we saw a picture from the Press Association of a hotel that, we are expected to believe is in the Stroud district and which has been told to evict the asylum seekers the government has put in there.

They are asylum seekers and not illegal anything even though Siobhan Baillie suggests they are "illegal migrants" but I think she is confusing migrants with immigrants.

She suggests that her Stroud constituents are concerned about illegal "migration", but they are in the hotel simply because the Government can't be bothered to process their claims.

A couple of weeks ago in the S.N.J Siobhan Baillie told us she was taking our concerns to the Tory party circus (conference) but at that time, according to her, our concerns were Royal Mail and pubs.

There was no mention of asylum seekers, no suggestion that they were causing any concerns locally at all ( just the opposite in fact ) and yet the Tory M.P. sees an opportunity to weaponize the concerns in some parts of the country about the abject failure of her government to process the claims of those wanting to come to live and work here.

Just like so many other ridiculous statements from her, she offers no evidence.

It could be, that her constituents are concerned at the amount of tax payers money that is being spent using these hotels or buying "barges" or supporting the Rwanda economy but we have no idea and more to the point, I don't think she has either.

She does know of course that her colleagues in government are totally incompetent and entirely responsible for this waste of public money but she doesn't mention that. How odd!

It seems very likely that her constituents are concerned about climate change, the cost of living, sewage in their rivers, NHS waiting lists, the state of the roads, the increasing demand on food banks, police corruption, the information coming from the Covid inquiry, banker's bonuses; the list goes on and on but if they think their M.P. is going to do anything about them they can forget it. I mean, when did she ever show any interest in the real concerns of her constituents? Her concerns are grabbing meaningless headlines and getting her picture in the S.N.J. as much as possible.

Howard Price.