THE headteacher of Archway School has released a statement after an application for a new 3G pitch was withdrawn. 

In August, the SNJ revealed that plans had been submitted for a new artificial pitch with floodlights at Archway School. 

The plan was to add a full-size 3G astroturf pitch to the bookable facilities available at Archway School Sports Centre.

In the application, a spokesperson for Archway said the plans would 'enhance sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities throughout the Stroud community and beyond', 'support the development of women's semi-professional and professional teams' and 'encourage and support activities for those with disabilities'.

They also said the anticipated usage of the pitch, which would be available for bookings from Monday to Friday between 5pm and 10pm and on Saturday and Sundays from 8am to 9pm, was high.

The plans were supported by sports clubs, who said there is a need for these types of facilities in the area, although some local residents have over the last few months issued objections over noise, light and traffic issues.

The application, made to Stroud District Council, was however withdrawn last week. 

Headteacher Kieron Smith said: "We are working with the Football Foundation on an exciting project to provide a brand new 3G full-sized astro pitch for use by the school and a huge number of clubs and groups in the Stroud community.

"Projects of this size have complex planning considerations be it noise/light impact, wildlife or drainage. 

"We have been pleased with the process to date and want the project to have every chance of success. 

"Severn Trent Water recently informed us that more work needs to be done to ensure suitable drainage is in place before planning can be considered for approval. 

"To allow us time to make the necessary adjustments to the plan, we decided to withdraw our current planning application.

"In the new year, we will submit a new application once we are confident that the drainage plan is water tight."