Are we really being encouraged to travel by bus? Or is Stagecoach actually trying to persuade us to go back to using our cars?

Can you find out and let us know?

I ask because of yet another miserable bus travel experience on Monday 6th November, when I was trying to catch the 3.30 pm bus from Stroud back home to Dursley. A group of us waited patiently at the designated 65 bus stop in May Lane from 3.20, with no sign of any 65 bus.

At 4.15 we discovered that the 3.30 bus had indeed left on time - but from a bus stop at the other end of the road! Apparently, the bus had altered its number to 65 while waiting there, where no one could see it (at the wrong bus stop!).

So there we had to stand, in the cold, some of us well over 75, and wait yet another half hour for the 4.45 bus.

Is there any excuse for the bus driver not at least stirring himself to let us know where the bus was? Or are bus passengers just rather a nuisance these days?

Yours sincerely,

Annabel Caddle