DRIVERS are being warned to expect major disruption when crumbling roads in Stroud town centre are resurfaced in a major new year revamp. 

Pitted-surfaces in George Street, King Street and Russell Street are set to be transformed as part of an ongoing £100 million countywide programme of roadworks.

Drivers are being warned that full road closures will be in place - although details have not yet been revealed.

The work has been welcomed by town leaders, who say is it 'long overdue'. 

A Gloucestershire County Council spokesperson said: "We are planning to resurface George Street, Russell Street and King Street in Stroud in the early part of 2024, as part of our investment of over £100 million in the county's roads.

"This work will greatly improve these road surfaces, so all road users can enjoy smoother and safer journeys.

"It is planned for early 2024 but is subject to change depending on weather conditions and other factors.

"There will be full road closures in place to enable the works to be completed as quickly as possible."

Mayor Stella Parkes said: "We are proud of our town centre and actively promote it to residents and visitors.

"Good roads are a vital part of the mix and we would welcome resurfacing work which is long overdue."

Tony Davey, chair of Stroud Chamber of Trade, said: "The state of the roads and pavements in our town centre have been a source of concern for a long time.

"That we are edging nearer to at least some of this being addressed is positive news, though I understand the pavements could be omitted from the much needed remedial work, something that if true seems counter-intuitive to the stated desire to improve the surfaces that pedestrians use and cyclists often choose."

Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie said: "I note that the County Council will be undertaking this work after the busy Christmas period when it should cause less disruption for businesses so that is good.

"I do get complaints about potholes and the state of roads generally and I always find the county council highways are very responsive.

"I will check in with highways but it appears this work will ultimately improve the town centre so I welcome the investment."

Stroud Labour parliamentary candidate Dr Simon Opher said: "It's really noticeable how bad our roads are when you cross the boundary into another county.

"I cycle to work and potholes can be lethal to a cyclist.

"I welcome the resurfacing work in Stroud.

"The sooner our roads are safe again for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists again the better. 

"I also welcome the fact that these works are scheduled for after Christmas.

"I know local town businesses are so reliant on the Christmas period, so doing the work in the new year makes complete sense."

Louisa Stinton, Green Party town councillor for Stroud Central ward, said: "We are very pleased that these roads are to be resurfaced.

"Investment in the town centre is much needed and anything that makes visiting Stroud, as the main town in the district, more pleasant is to be welcomed.

"It is a shame to see the town looking so neglected.

"Investment is needed to encourage new businesses and help existing companies that are struggling.

"Resurfacing will also make cycling a safer experience."