AN ORGANISATION based in Stroud is offering an alternative for secondary school students. 

Kato Education, based in Stroud, is offering school-age qualifications which allow students to study a project of their choice, and to be assessed by a portfolio of work.

The Integrative Education programme of qualifications is registered with Ofqual (the government’s qualification regulator), and is available for students to study at Level 2 (GCSE level) and Level 3 (A-Level).

Integrative Education is a way of learning that cuts across subject boundaries, while the programme is described as flexible, allowing students to study it alongside other qualifications.

Stroud News and Journal: Kato Education in Stroud offering alternative school qualificationsDirector Marisa Godfrey explains: “With Integrative Education, students have the opportunity to think more broadly across their education.

"They complete an independent project that they have chosen, giving them the responsibility, skills and knowledge to direct and manage a project from start to finish.

"With support, students can achieve amazing things and be totally invested in it, because it’s already something they’re interested in.

“It’s gaining a lot of interest across the country, because I think young people need their learning to be relevant to their own lives.

"With huge rises in anxiety and school refusal, many people are welcoming a credible alternative to high-stakes exams, which just don’t suit everyone’s way of learning.

"Integrative Education is a lot more focused on how young people can achieve their best, garner a lifelong passion for learning, and stay motivated.

"It also helps them to develop skills that enable them to navigate the changes occurring in the workplace, as well as improving their critical thinking skills to evaluate information effectively”.

The qualifications are already studied at The Grove in Stroud, and local mainstream secondary schools have also expressed an interest in taking on the qualifications.

There is also an online home education provision for the Level 2 Integrative Education Programme.

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