STROUD activists are set to begin a new campaign at the doorstep of the Daily Mail HQ in London tomorrow. 

Not-for-profit group This Ends Now, set-up in Stroud, is launching its Red Pen Campaign on Saturday, November 25.

This will mark the beginning of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, demanding that the media do better when it comes to reporting incidents of male violence against women and girls.

Language enthusiasts, activists, and anyone passionate about media accuracy and responsible reporting are invited to participate in the Red Pen Campaign, which will take place on Saturday, November 25 2023, at the doorstep of the Daily Mail HQ at 9 Derry Street, London. 

This Ends Now invites everyone to join their 'red pen revolution' at 1 pm, encouraging participants to wield their branded red pens against media narratives which they say perpetuates victim-blaming and misogyny.

The event forms part of This Ends Now’s Words Matter initiative

In August 2022, Gloucestershire Constabulary and This Ends Now began partnering on the Words Matter language policy for the force.

The policy aims for the police to help set the standard of language used around incidents of male violence against women and girls.

The Red Pen campaign aims to encourage individuals to critically analyse and address language used in media and empower them to participate actively in making a difference.

Stroud's Sydney McAllister, director at This Ends Now, said: "We believe in the power of language and its potential to shape societal perspectives.

"The Red Pen Campaign seeks to engage everyone in a constructive dialogue about media representation and accuracy, and how accurate reporting can help end victim-blaming and misogyny."

Participants are encouraged to join by red-penning headlines, taking selfies with their red pens, and sharing their thoughts on social media using the hashtag #UseYourRedPen.

A large display board will be set up to showcase the red-penned articles, creating a visual representation of the campaign's impact.

Elodie Pinn, campaigns coordinator of This Ends Now, said: “The language we use makes a huge difference to how we think, and the evidence backs this up.

“We look forward to engaging people in an open discussion about the importance of language in the media.”

All red-penned headlines will be collected and sent to the Daily Mail along with an invitation for further dialogue.

The SNJ approached the Daily Mail for comment.