HUNDREDS of homes in the Wotton area have been left without power this morning. 

According to the National Grid, approximately 754 properties are currently without power. 

It is believed power will be restored by 11am today, Monday, November 27. 

A statement from National Grid reads: “We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 9.02am this morning. 

“Our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.”

According to National Grid, the following postcodes have been affected including: 

GL12 7BD, GL12 7BE, GL12 7BG, GL12 7GQ, GL12 7HH, GL12 7HJ, GL12 7HL, GL12 7HN, GL12 7HP, GL12 7HQ, GL12 7HS, GL12 7HT, GL12 7HW, GL12 7HX, GL12 7HY, GL12 7JF, GL12 7JR, GL12 7JS, GL12 7JU, GL12 7JX, GL12 7JY, GL12 7JZ, GL12 7LA, GL12 7LB, GL12 7LF, GL12 7LG, GL12 7LH, GL12 7LJ, GL12 7LP, GL12 7LQ, GL12 7LR, GL12 7LW, GL12 7NJ, GL12 7NQ, GL12 7NY, GL12 7QU, GL12 7SB, GL12 7SD, GL12 7SE, GL12 7SF, GL12 7SG, GL12 8JN, GL12 8SB, GL12 7GQ, GL12 7JB and GL12 7JE.