INSPIRING posters have been created by children from a village school near Wotton as part of a road safety campaign. 

Pupils from Kingswood Primary School have designed posters on speeding and parking which will be displayed in the village as part of  Road Safety Week 2023. 

One poster reads: “We need a safe place to cross.” 

Another reads: “If you care, be aware” 

It comes after three children while walking home from Katharine Lady Berkeley's were hit by cars in two separate incidents along Wotton Road. 

In one incident, one child was left with a fractured elbow in July.

Following concerns about road safety, a public meeting was held in August, and families formed the Kingswood Village Road Safety Group.

The group previously handed a petition directly to Gloucestershire County Council in September calling for urgent action to improve safety.

Stroud News and Journal: Kingswood Primary School

Sian Blackham, parent and member of Kingswood Village Road Safety Group, said: “It’s really encouraging to hear just how engaged the children have been with Road Safety Week. 

“I was so impressed by the fantastic posters they have designed.

“The children shared with me some of the important things they have learned about which included the ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ sequence and safer places to cross the road. 

“The older children also learned about speed and stopping distances.

“Thank you to Kingswood Primary School for supporting Road Safety Week. 

Stroud News and Journal: Pupils from Kingswood Primary with their road safety posters Pupils from Kingswood Primary with their road safety posters (Image: Kingswood Primary School / Kingswood Village Road Safety Group)

Stroud News and Journal: Kingswood Primary School

“I hope what the children have learned will stay with them and they will share these important life skills with their friends.

“We will keep working with Gloucestershire County Council to improve road safety on Wotton Road. 

“We desperately need a safe place for children to cross the road like a zebra crossing.”

A GCC spokesperson previously said: “We have listened to the concerns raised by local people. 

“Officers with road safety audit experience have visited this area with the police and attended the public meeting on August 14. 

“There is no record of casualties at this location so we are looking at low-cost measures to manage parking and help keep the road and junction clear. 

“We will continue to work closely with Kingswood Parish Council, the local county councillor and residents.”